3Star Deluxe Records is the joint work of two of the most known DJ/Producers from Latin America, Mexican Tech wizard Karlos Kastillo and Colombian House veteran Tavo.

Founded in the idea that One star denotes something good, Two stars denote something excellent and Three stars represent something exceptional, the label has always been in constant search for exceptional productions within the House, Tech House and Techno genres.

From the beginning, back in 2012, supporting the Latin American producers has been the fundamental pillar of the company, especially all of those that hadn’t  yet found a place for their music and a home for their creativity.

Very quickly the project expanded thanks to the support of many great artists around the world. This allowed the label to expand exponentially and move forward always keeping in mind its humble origins.
After several charted tracks in the greatest digital music portals, the name 3Star is now on the tip of everyone’s tongue and keeps gaining constant attention to its ever selective sound. DJs today support our level of production and relate it as the key foundation to their success, while peers in the industry have definitely accepted our place alongside the ranks of the respected elite of Indie labels.

Today, the label is based in the United States and from this new location, it keeps continuously evolving, supporting underground releases and welcoming with open arms new and fresh talent, while never forgetting its loyal band of producers that believed in the project from the beginning.

Today, lead by label’s owner TAVO, the mission is to grow with our producers, listen to our followers and continuing to adapt to the times and the new sounds. Our promise, keep enjoying the hard work of keeping the groove real!

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