A Deluxe Legend indeed!

A Deluxe Legend indeed!

Black Legend Project is not just a cool name and Ciro Sasso, the man behind the  brand, is actually responsible for the world hit “You See The Trouble With Me” and many other dance floor bangers since the 90’s, therefore he is a true legend. The Black Legend story began with a white label called ‘We’ll Be In Trouble’. It originally featured extensive samples from a Barry White concert in Belgium from 1990 mixed with the classic ‘House Of God’ beat by DHS (also from 1990).
Sadly, the ‘Walrus of Love’ didn’t take to kindly to being sampled and so Elroy Powell AKA Spoonface was called in to re-record the vocals for the second (authorized) version of the tune. This new version of ‘You See The Trouble With Me’ ranged in the most popular dance hits of 1999.  A few singles were subsequently released: ‘Somebody’ (which sampled ‘Dr. Love’ by [Invalid Artist]) and a House re-version of ‘Light My Fire’ (originally performed by Doors).

In June 2000, after getting licensed almost in every country of the world, Black Legend reached the n°1 spot of the UK’s official singles sales chart, selling about 2 million copies worldwide of the single alone and, of course, gaining a collection of gold and platinum discs and, of course, becoming one of the new millenium disco & house classics and one of the all times Ibiza’s anthems.

So for the first time in 3Star Deluxe a multi awarded producer and a man who sold over 2 million copies of a track worldwide, lifts all the standards of our label and presents his latest House bomb, “Feel Free”, a rhythmical uplifting track that has all the right elements that just a house genius can mix together with such perfection… play it loud, and hear the sound of a legend!



19 January 2016 Beatport Music



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